How can I align my teams?

You can use Cobomba to build alignment with your team, management and business partners.

Navigate to the Align module in the upper navigation bar. The Align module allows you to build memos and share those via email.

First, click on the “Create Memo” button in the upper right hand corner.

The Memos are composed of a personal, custom note which you can create and edit and then specific content briefs. The Business Objective corresponding to the relevant Marketing Initiative is also included automatically in the formatted email.

To create your note, type in the text box at the top of the Align panel.

Below the note area, you can drag Initiatives from the Content Plans on the left to your email. If you do not see any plans available on the left hand sidebar, you may need to adjust your filters.

On the right side of the screen, you can enter a name for the memo and the emails of the recipients. You can Save the Alignment memo once you have added a Memo name and at least one Content Plan.

Once you have saved your memo, you can either send a test to yourself, by clicking the “Send Test” button on the top of the screen, or you can distribute to the email recipients by clicking “Send Now.”