How can I use Content Intelligence?

Content Intelligence increases marketing effectiveness by recommending content topics, formats, channels that will be more relevant to the target audience at each stage of the customer journey

Increase conversions with marketing content that stands out by knowing what matters most to your customers. Deliver the right message at the right time for each persona and stage of the buyer journey.

Cobomba is the content intelligence platform that helps marketers be more relevant to customers with content marketing, sales messaging, and other marketing communications.

With Cobomba, you can increase your marketing effectiveness and drive revenue growth for your organization.

  • Identify the customer segments that represent the best opportunities to engage with your content
  • Grow leads and improve conversion rates by understanding how customers perceive you - and your content - differently from competitors
  • Use these key insights to differentiate your product or service marketing in ways that matter to your customer
  • With ongoing customer data, understand how your competitive market is changing and how your content strategy needs to evolve