How do I create a Marketing Initiative in Cobomba?

The Marketing Initiative in Cobomba is a way to document your content strategy for one or more content campaigns.

Effective content plans are based on a clear understanding of the target audience and of the business objective for the content. Cobomba lets you document the strategy behind your content by organizing your content plans within a Marketing Initiative. You create a new Initiative within the Prepare module.

New Initiatives

To create a new Initiative, select the “Create Initiatives” button in the upper right hand corner of the Initiative screen.

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The Initiative Builder workflow will fill the screen. This workflow will walk you through three steps to define the Business Objective for the initiative.

Initiative Builder Workflow

The Initiative Builder workflow is a templated process for capturing the most important elements of your content strategy. It also kicks off Cobomba's AI content topic recommendation engine. First you'll populate a Business Objective statement using templates on three different screens by selecting from the drop downs, adding quantitative details around the goals, selecting a target audience from the Persona library, and adding details about your offer and your competitors.

Goal and Product Category

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Under the Competitors section, add in your top competitors and their website URLs. We recommended listing at least one competitor and limiting the list to no more than 3. Listing a small set of key competitors will help focus your marketing messages on ways to differentiate from those competitors rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

You also have the option to add Branded Terms. These terms will help the Content Topic recommendation engine identify and sort relevant topics into the appropriate stage of the customer journey. Examples of Branded Terms are product names, product lines, or other proprietary terms that are uniquely associated with your organization or with a competitor organization. 

Naming and Color Coding Your Initiatives

You can add or edit the name of your initiative by clicking the pencil icon in the top left corner of the Initiative Builder workflow or on the Initiative Summary screen. Each Initiative can be assigned a different color. Or, you can group Initiatives by color so that you know which ones are part of the same marketing program.

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