How do I create content plans with my marketing team or organization using Cobomba?

Content plans in Cobomba are organized around marketing Initiatives and are made up of specific content recommendations called Content Briefs.

Content plans in Cobomba are designed to help you and your team make your content more effective and build alignment across both your team and organization. You will get the most out of Cobomba if you learn some of the “lingo.” 


Initiatives: A Marketing Initiatives is a way for you to organize your content plans strategically. Creating an Initiative enables you to link your Content Plan to an overarching Business Objective, Specify a list of Content Topics, and create a full set of Content Briefs to fill out your Content Plan for that Initiative. Every Content Brief built in Cobomba will be associated with an Initiative. 

Content Topic Explorer: The Content Topic Explorer  is an AI-powered tool for identifying key topics relevant to your audience at each stage of the customer journey. The Cobomba recommendation engine suggests topics for each stage to get you started. These topics are sorted by relevance based on the product category, primary motivation, intended action, offering, and competitors you specified in the Business Objective. You can customize the topic list, explore additional topics, and write in your own topics to complete your topic list for the Initiative.

Content Briefs: A Content Brief is a plan for a specific piece of content. It will always include the following information: Customer Journey Stage, customer goal (i.e., Content should help the customer…),  call to action, content type, distribution channel, promotion channel, key topic, keywords and competitor to position against. 

Content Plan: A Content Plan is a collection of Content Briefs all in support of one Initiative. It is easy to see an entire content plan by filtering to a specific initiative in the Plan list view. Publish dates can be added to each brief, and now your Content Plan is a Content Calendar.


Once you have an understanding of the key elements of Cobomba, you can create content calendars and share them with your team.  For example, after you create your first content brief, you can easily share the brief with your team using the Memo feature in the Align module. 

You can also invite other team members into the software so they can collaborate with you on all aspects of building the Content Plan.