How do I customize Content Briefs?

Making changes to your Content Briefs

Once you have created a Content Brief, you can make adjustments to best align it to your specific business and situation. To do this, open any Content Brief by clicking on it within the Plan Module. Then in the upper right corner of each tile, select the icon of a numbered list. This will expand all the options on the bottom half of your screen. The Cobomba recommendation will always be the default selection, but you can go in and select a different option if you prefer - this may include: adding new channels, selecting different key messages, or picking a different content type. 


How can I filter Content Plans?

The left pane of the Plan module can help you better view and organize your  Content Plans. There are four sets of filters for use:

Status: Plans can be view by Draft, Active or Complete status.

Initiative: View plans that specifically support a particular initiative. The dropdown menu will let you select from you list of specific initiatives.

Publish Date: View your Content Plans within a specified publish date range.

Setting Plan Statuses

Each content brief defaults to Draft status. Once you have reviewed and are ready to move the brief forward, you can open the content brief and select the “Activate Plan” button in the upper right hand corner. Similarly, once the plan is complete, you can select “Plan Completed.”