How do I edit a Company Profile?

The company profile settings allow you to update your organization's name, location, size, and industry

Your Company Profile is pre-populated with the data your provided during setup. You can update or change this information at any time.   

You can access the Company Profile page by navigating to the Prepare module and then selecting “Company Profile” on the left hand navigation menu. On this page, enter key details about your company: Name, Location, Size and Industry. 

Next, complete the Financials section of the Company Profile. For this, you can enter the Annual Revenue of your company and the average order amount. Average order amount should match a typical customer transaction. For example, if you are a software company that collects $99/month from users, then you would enter $99 and select “Monthly”. If you are an automaker that sells 2 Million vehicles in a year and the average revenue per vehicle is $25k, then you would enter $25,000 and select “Annually.” You can select the most relevant time frame for your business, e.g.: Daily, Weekly or Monthly, etc.

The company profile information is used to improve your content strategy recommendations over time by building the Cobomba benchmarks based on firmographics such as industry, location, revenue, and company size.

Finally, add your company logo by selecting the “Add Company Logo” and uploading a .JPG, .GIF or .PNG.