How do personas support the marketing initiatives?

Identifying the target audience is one input for defining a powerful business objective for the marketing initiative. Knowing your audience including their characteristics, motivations, and intended actions enables you to create content that is valuable for them. You can create and edit personas in Persona section of the Prepare module. 

Specifying the personas in the Business Objective of an Initiative has the following impact on other sections of the application:

  • A. Listing Personas in the Business Objective makes those Personas available in Message Map for the Initiative. Having Personas available in the Message Map means the key messages prioritized in the message map can be customized by Persona rather than having a single set of messages for the entire target market
  • B. Listing Personas in the Business Objective makes those personas available in the Plan module for creating Content Briefs for the Initiative. The key message and differentiating message recommended for a particular content brief will depend on the Persona specific Message Map
  • C. The Primary Motivation(s) and Intended Action(s) listed in the business objective are two inputs to the Message Map recommendations. The Message Map will generate recommendations automatically with only the Product Category, Offering, and Competitors populated in the Business Objective. However, by adding a Primary Motivation and Intended Action, the recommendations will be even more tailored to your target audience

Vennli Business Objective Screen