What does the Content Topic Explorer let me do?

The Content Topic Explorer (CTE) serves as a guide for creating content. The CTE is made up of a set of customer journey stages (i.e., Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Retention, Advocacy) and a set of assigned topics for each journey stage. 

The topics included in each journey stage should be highly relevant to your audience and should include those topics where you can differentiate from your competition. The CTE can be further customized by associating or disassociating specific personas with particular topics.

The CTE is a useful communication tool on its own. You can share the details with fellow marketers or with leadership across departments as a means to align the team around what is most important to your target audience at different stages in their journey.

Additionally, the CTE is an input to Cobomba's content brief builder. The topics included in the CTE and the order in which they appear will feed the key topic recommendations for content briefs built in the Plan module.

You will notice that topics generated by the recommendation engine are typically phrased as questions. The idea being that the most effective content addresses key questions from your audience.

How it works:

The Cobomba recommendation engine uses the Business Objective statement from the Initiative and data from search engine results pages to build a network of topics relevant to your audience. The recommendation engine then categorizes each topic by stage of the customer journey. 

Each journey stage in the CTE will be pre-populated with the three highest scoring topics from the recommendation engine if available. Topics generated by the recommendation engine have the "atomic" symbol to the left of the topic text.

To customize the CTE you can view and select additional topic categories, expand a topic category, add and delete topics, reorder topics, indicate that a particular topic does not apply to one or more personas in the Initiative, and write in your own topics. 

If you update the Business Objective statement and rerun the CTE recommendations, Cobomba will ask you if you'd like to preserve your original CTE and build upon it, or remove all recommendations and start over.